The creation of the Lagos State Signage & Advertisement Agency (LASAA) has undoubtedly transformed the advertising landscape of the country. As the Agency of the State responsible for regulation and control of advertising displays, the success recorded in the last 15years has been due largely to the cooperation of all stakeholders in the industry.

The Out-of-Home (OOH) industry has evolved over time and has consistently contributed its quota to the growth and development of Lagos State, with Lagos being a leading State in OOH investment in Nigeria. However, the administration of extant policies for OOH industry has not been effective due to lack of trust, sheer favoritism and unfair competition and mismanagement of past authorities and consequently, huge debt to LASAA.

Out-of-Home Advertising in Lagos now offers new technologies, new formats and more creative thinking to help advertisers and their agencies take their message to consumers.

New creative campaigns ensure that messages are not ignored, blocked or skipped. For example, certain products like alcoholic beverages, which were hitherto restricted by traditional media under the guise of “adult hours”, now have 24-hour unrestricted Advertising offered by OOH. 70% of Outdoor Advertising in Nigeria is domiciled in Lagos.

It has become imperative to be in the forefront of any discourse on the emerging growth and stimulate future investments of the sub-sector. It is in the light of the above that we have decided to host the first Out-of-Home stakeholders’ forum, which will have all key players in the signage and advertising industry under one roof to discuss issues affecting the future of the outdoor advertising in the state and the country in general.

Conference Objectives

The main objective of the proposed meeting is for the new Government of Lagos State under the able leadership of Mr. Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu to gain the confidence of all stakeholders and investing public through the policies and programmes of LASAA, thus:

  • Improved sectoral Investment
  • Sustainable Growth
  • Encouraging regular Engagement
  • Overall development of Lagos State

The event seeks to find solutions to some of the issues affecting the industry with a view to bringing them under the searchlight, particularly, as it affects the Smart City plans of Lagos State.

Expected Outcomes
  • To bring together various stakeholders in the Signage and OOH Industry to interact and discuss issues of mutual concerns, culminating in deepening engagement and strengthening relationship across various sectoral bodies to foster industry’s harmony.
  • To unveil LASAA’s OOH Roadmap and other relevant Government Policies.
  • To bring the policy of the present administration to bear on smart city through effective OOH Advertising practices.
  • To bridge the gap between government and the private sector in public private partnership project initiative in the development of urban infrastructure for OOH Advertising.
Program Outline
Keynote Address
Keynote Speech I

Building Stakeholder Collaboration for Growth in the Signage and OOH Advertising Industry.

Keynote Speech II

The Future of Out -of Home Advertising in a Smart City Lagos.

Panelist Discussions


Fostering effective collaboration between Public Sector and Private Sector for growth and development in Lagos State.


Compliance to civic beautification policy in Lagos: Safety, Transportation, Environment and Aquatic.


Imperatives of Data Analytics and Automation in OOH Advertising.


Optimising Investment opportunities in OOH Industry.